June 21st Event was the game Pink Hat Kamikaze.
        What Is Pink Hat Kamikaze you ask? It is a game that tests your abilities like you have never had them tested before! We will be testing to see who lives up to the guild name. Who can exemplify the essence of We Die Alot! How many times have you been killed by a Red Player? Never?... Well that is about to change.

       Pink Hat Kamikaze is just what it sounds like. We go to Yew Fel in a pink jesters hat and get killed by the Red Players there. The player who dies the most wins. Easy as that.

For the results of the game click here.

Our First Guild Event was a success! I think everyone had a great time. I was a little worried no one would show, but I was happy with the turn out. We set out from Trinsic Moongate and went to Fel Yew.
Things were rather slow at first... but when the reds say we were just in pink jester hats... they killed us... a lot! (by us I mean the other guild members, I was the judge so couldn't play. Got killed still tho! Thanks a lot Dr.Deth... I will remember that)

Fandaril had a great time insulting the reds. Which resulted in his quick demise.

Death! Death! Death! I bet those red players thought we were pretty silly attacking them on there turf.

Gordo in "Amongst the Fallen"

"Falling down hurts more then this! You hit like a mongbat!!" - Fandaril

All in all I think even the reds go into it!
For the results of this game please Click Here
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