This is where I will tell alittle about what is going on in my life. As the maker of this site I can do that. Mwhahaahaha. 

    This is my pride and joy. Her name is Rose. She is now almost a year old and has stopped gorwing I think... She only barely comes up to my knees.

     Rose has learned the basics like sit, down, jump, speak, shake and has learned to do them all with verbal or motion commands. I still need to work with her on the leash thing though. She is also learning the names of all her toys and is learning to get them on command.

     I need to get her fixed yet but just haven't had the money but I will soon.

I was Born August 11th 1982. I am 25 (going on 12 according to Escalla). I live in West Virginia. I work at the Potomac Center where I am a sub. I work with the mentally and/or physically challanged (PC?). I have only just started there but I can't talk about alot of it because of the possible violation of the rights of the individuals there.
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