This is for the guild leaders ICQ #'s to start others will be added as we go.
Moonbears ICQ- 493-535-378
Escalla's ICQ- 376-300-836
Trevyn's ICQ- 443-477-732
No ICQ? Download it here.

We also use TeamSpeak provided by Ellesandria to get in on teamspeak just Contact Moonbear (Moonbear, Leesil, Blue Collar, Richard Raul, Rhapsody, Nights Lover)
Ellesandria (Alexia, Ellesandria, Daran Quivl, Smarmmy Bazturd)
You can Download it here. You want the Client not the Server.
We mostly use ICQ to contact each other. You can also Email

 Email Addresses are as follows.
Moonbear -
Escalla -
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