Scoring the game
  1. One Point per Death Robe.
  2. Five points if you kept your Pink Jesters Hat.
At the end of the game everyone heads back to Trinsic moongate where the game began. They put all the Robes and the Pink Hat (if they managed to keep theirs) in a bag. One at a time they were past to me for a count and the points were added.
Gordo Swift had 8 death robes collected, but sadly no hat. Good Job Gordo! Gordo was also taking pictures of the event so he is a winner in my book.

Fandaril had 15 robes, but again no hat. Good job Fandaril! Keep slinging those insults next time!!

Linwe was as graceful as ever. Tripping over every body around. She still managed to get 10 robes and kept her hat. Giving her a total of 15 points

Stillgrave lost connection twice and still managed to get 16 robes! Amazing skills Still!
Dr.Deth Collected an impressive 13 robes and managed to keep his hat... and get me killed >.> AMAZING! This put him in second place. Well Done!

 And OUR WINNER WAS..... SOLIKOS!! He managed to get 18 Robes and kept his hat! Well Done! He got to choose from 3 prizes.
Solikos had the choices of...
  1. Pendant of the Magi
  2. Totem of the Void
  3. A suit of armor with 70 for every resist
Solikos Chose the Pendant of the Magi.
Dr.Deth got to chose from the remaining prizes.
  1. Totem of the Void
  2. A suit of armor with 70 for every resist
Dr.Deth Chose the Totem of the Void

The all 70's suit is back in the pool for next weeks scavenger hunt.
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