First breach of Code of Conduct!
On Friday the 27th of June we had our first breach of the guild code of conduct. Guild member shawn killed Nero Grimward in Luna whilst Nero was afk in Luna. ( I actually came back from taking a phone call to see Shawn attacking me. Being intrigued by his actions I waited to see how far he would take his attack while he assumed I was still afk (away from keyboard). It resulted in my death I therefore had no recourse but to banish him from the guild as stipulated in our code of conduct.


Also in other news please remember that on (28th June) we have our Scavanger Hunt starting at 7pm EST.  On the 5th July we will announce the caption contest winner and run our Swap Shop. 

How the swap shop will work is as follows.  Several chests containing items donated to the guild will be placed out for the guild members to look through.  Should and item be desirable to a guild member that guild member can then swap something for that item.  Pretty much anything will be considered for a swap ranging from commodities such as leather, wood or ingots ( preferably a minimum of piles of 50-100 ), Craftable items such as repair deeds, scrolls and books to monster loot or even cold hard in game cash.  This event is open only to guild members and we hope to see you there.

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